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When kids want to play basketball anywhere and at any time, the Pro Ball Portable Scoreboard Basketball Hoop for Kids is a perfect choice. This portable basketball hoop has a small size that’s ideal for children and that is ready for setup anywhere. The backboard has an electronic scoreboard built into it, and it generates lights and sounds that will let the kids feel like they’re playing in a real arena. Adjust the height of the hoop to accommodate children of all ages.

This portable design basketball hoop set makes it easy to play basketball both indoor and outdoor. Perfect for shoot alone, parent-child interaction, play with your friends and family. great to practice basketball skills, build confidence, and stay energetic and healthy.

Basketball hoop stand

Basketball hoop stand

Adjustable height

The basketball stand (adjustable to 6.7 ft) is suitable for basketball enthusiasts of all ages. As children grow and their basketball skills improve, they can increase their height to increase challenges.

Base with holes

The base is made of durable plastic. The holes are used to hold sand and water to make the base more stable. It is equipped with a leak-proof race, which is safer and more stable.

Basketball hoop stand

Basketball hoop stand

Air pump and wrench

An additional air pump and wrench are provided.
The air pump can easily fill the ball with air.
Align the screw hole with the screw, fix it with a wrench, and the installation is complete.

Warm Tips

1. The base should be installed in a flat place, filled with water or sand.

2. Be sure to tighten each screw before shooting to prevent the basketball hoop from falling.

3. This is only a children's toy, not a standard adult basketball hoop. Dunking is prohibited.

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