Natural Loofah Sponge Bath Ball Shower Rub

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Loofah sponge pad can be used when bath shower and spa. The items have a nice shape and size with a comfortable band and fabric backing designed to ensure the loofah pad stays in your hand. Just soak in water before using.

Remove horniness to give you smooth skin every day; promote cell metabolism to make your skin more tender; dredge the meridians to promote blood circulation.

Gently deep cleanse your skin, remove dry and dead skin, remove cutin, clear acne & blackheads. Dredge channels and collaterals, promote blood circulation. Leave your skin feeling silky smooth and naturally improve your skin healthy.


- Skin-friendly and soft touch.
- Comfort to use.
- Easy to hang and dry.
- Shower sponge suitable for everyone.
- You can use two sides.

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